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Dokkhuset Scene

Amalgama - flamenco i mesterklasse

  • Dokkparken 4, Trondheim
  • 911 59 045
  • 6. november 2016 - 6. november 2016
  •  /  20:00 to 21:30
  •  /  Price NO
  • (1 Upcoming Dates)

We have a lot of dancing on the Transform program this year; Hungarian folk dance, Norwegian Halling, West African Sabar and mbalax, and Sunday night is clear for flamenco. Javier Martos - dance Ruben Campos - guitar Sergio Gómez - vocal flamenco embraces a complex musical and cultural tradition, and although it gladly considered part of general Spanish culture, is the strongly connected to the Andalucia region. There remains a lot of questions about flamenco origins as a music form, but it is generally agreed that it grew between the distinctive cultural encounter between the original Andalusian culture and islamsk-, sefardisk- and Romani culture as they had established themselves in Andalucia before the Christian reconquest. There are three artists in the top layer as guests Trondheim in early November and will have workshops in Flamenco Trondheim, and we are fortunate enough to introduce the through Transform People-our concept.

  • Source: Trondheim Events
søndag 6. november 2016

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Trondheim, Norway
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63° 26' 3" N / 10° 24' 40" E
Amalgama - flamenco i mesterklasse
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