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Christmas with Vivaldi

"Christmas with Vivaldi: Musical Inspiration and Festive Atmosphere with Berliner Virtuosen"

We invite you to a unique musical concert, "Christmas with Vivaldi," performed by the talented Ukrainian music ensemble Berliner Virtuosen. This concert combines the spirit of Christmas, virtuoso performances, and the stories of refugees who have found refuge in Berlin.

Berliner Virtuosen is a group of musicians who have experienced war and have found a new home in the capital of Germany. Their musical mastery and passion for the arts come together in this amazing concert, where they present works by great composers such as Vivaldi, Paganini, Piazzolla, and Grieg.

At this concert, you will hear emotional and captivating melodies performed with heart and passion. The program will also include Ukrainian and Norwegian Christmas songs, creating an atmosphere of magic and celebration.

"Christmas with Vivaldi" is not just a concert; it is a journey into the world of music where art unites us and fills our hearts with joy and hope. Join us and celebrate Christmas with Berliner Virtuosen.

Sist oppdatert: 11/20/2023

Kilde: Hamar Regionen Kultur

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