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Stein Stokke & The Engine - Moss bluesklubb

A highly
recognized and well-oiled, Norwegian "blues engine». With their own material, "crooked"
beats and soulful rawness they've made a large number of top reviewed concerts
at blues clubs and festivals.

The band's music and lyrics are products of years of playing and lived lives.
Their songs get excellent reviews and regular airplay on several radio stations
on all sides of the oceans.

Stein has been into music since the sixties, and through
decades as frontman in several bands, established himself as a significant
blues artist. Stein is well known for his raw, powerful yet soulful voice, and
has developed a personal harp style. He is, as far as one knows, the only one
who plays jaw harp (also called Jew's- or mouth harp) and euphonium (baryton)
in a bluesband.
Stein writes almost all the songs
himself with co-arrangements from The Engine and roots deeply anchored in the
nutritious soil of the blues. Some of his lyrics have even been printed in
magazines, and he is known to spice up his concerts with quick remarks and
stories about the songs.

The Engine:
Trond Eliassen on guitar and slide has a
distinctive guitar tone signature, built on years of experience, always focused
on giving the song its proper character.

Trond has been playing in bands like Slåbrock, Egotrip, Statesboro Blues/Light
Voodoo and Fett Nok to mention a few, and played a lot of festivals- and
clubs.   In addition, Trond's an
experienced composer and arranger within several music genres.
Rune Bryn on drums is a much acknowledged
drummer among bands and as a studio- and session drummer, delivering outgoing,
interesting, yet "old time grooves", often with Rickard on bass. His CV
contains, among others, Ski- and Ett Fett Storband, Borderline, Bærum BigBand,
Prime Time, Maiken Kristiansen, Åge Sten Nilsen, Wenche Myhre, Øyvind Elgenes,
Frode Thingnæs, Harald Heide Steen Jr. and Randy Johnston.
Rickard Johannesson is a rock solid
bass player with a comprehensive genre crossing experience as studio- and
session musician, many of these together with Rune. Rickard is known to provide
justice to all styles of music, which has earned himself a very respectful
reputation. He has, among alot of others, been playing bass for Jahn Teigen,
Ole Børud, Hans-Erik "Hank von Helvete" Dyvik, Ett Fett, Bærum Big Band and
Funk Factory.

Sist oppdatert: 04/23/2024

Kilde: VisitMOSS AS

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