Brand Norway

Brand platform and visual presentation of Norway as a tourist destination.
En person ser soloppgangen på toppen av Preikestolen
Photo: Outdoorlife Norway

The main purpose of the Norway Brand is to provide rules, guidelines and inspiration for how the Norway Brand should look and be communicated as a tourist destination.

The Norway Brand is to be used in product development, marketing and sale of Norway as a tourism destination, or to create interest in, and build the reputation of Norway as a tourism destination.

The Norway Brand consists of two parts:

Firstly, the Brand Platform which is the story about Norway as a tourist destination. This is about the content of the brand (values, unique selling points, brand promise etc.).

Secondly, the Brand Identity which is how the Norway Brand as a tourist destination is visually presented. In others words; this is about the form of the Norway Brand (logos, fonts, layout etc.).