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Photo Credits

The photographer and visitnorway.com must always be credited, or alternatively the photographer and other copyright holder if applicable.

Photo credits should always be placed in the bottom right corner of the photo, alternatively directly below the photo – under the bottom right corner. If the the photo is so busy that it will be difficult to read a photo credit in the optimum location, the photo credit must be placed in the bottom left corner.

In cases where the photos are very small and it would not be possible to read photo credits on the photos, the photo credits can be gathered in one area on the page. In such case, it must be clearly stated, using numbering or descriptions, which photographer has taken which photo. The photo credits shall be in white/grey/black font, and have the best possible readability in relation to the information in the photo.

For front page photos in printed formats, the photo credit can be placed on page 2 or 3, where it must be clearly visible.

Crediting can also be done using the mouse-over function on websites and in applications if this is more expedient.

Photo credits example