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Brand Norway defines by four areas

Photo: Staale Wattø

Brand Norway is defined by four areas where it is credible, relevant and unique.

Unique selling points:

Brand Norway is defined by four areas where it is credible, relevant and unique. We have four unique selling propositions, all of which add up to a tourist experience that creates lasting memories. The Norway brand is defined by the following credible, relevant and unique areas:

Selling points

Evidence for the unique selling points: 

The evidence that makes our position credible, attractive and unique

Fjords, coast and natural phenomena

Norway is defined by her long coastline and proximity to the sea. The narrow fjords cutting deep into the heart of the country, the steep majestic mountains soaring straight up from the sea and the world’s most beautiful archipelagos make up a dramatic landscape of sea and mountains that is more spectacular than anywhere else in the world. The dramatic qualities of nature are underlined by the play of light and dark, day and night, by the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights and by the climatic extremes from the Arctic to the south of Norway. The coast is never far away in Norway. It is a public space for everyone to enjoy. Norwegian infrastructure is modern and well developed, making it easy for everyone to get around and experience nature.

Nature-based activities

Norway offers nearly unlimited opportunities to interact with and get close to dramatic nature. The wide variety of activities on offer, from gentle to the more extreme, provide unfiltered experiences and create a direct and immediate link between man and nature.

Seafood and coastal specialities

For centuries, the sea has been the main source of food in Norway. Access to an abundance of fresh raw produce is the basis for an authentic and constantly developing marine food culture renowned for the quality of its ingredients, fresh from the sea. The coastal climate also creates prime conditions for lamb, fruit, berries and other fresh and natural produce that owe their quality and flavour to nature itself. Gastronomic experiences are plentiful, provided by Norway’s many internationally renowned chefs or by qualityconscious cooks who represent the local food culture.

Thriving coastal culture

The relationship between Norwegians and Norwegian nature is instinctive and strong. Norwegians are outdoor people who make active use of their stunning surroundings to engage in activities that stimulate body and mind. The long coastline has naturally made the Norwegian a fisherman, boat-builder and seafarer. There is an unbroken seafaring tradition from the Viking Age to Norway’s position today as a leading maritime nation. Today, this long tradition and distinctive culture comes to life every day in the many thriving cities and communities along the coast, which, through centuries, have been based on respect for nature’s bounty and have provided the foundation for clearly defined social values.