Executive summary

Vetvika, Bremanger
Vetvika, Bremanger.
Photo: Åse-Berit Nytun

Executive summary

Increase value creation and sustainability for Norwegian tourism

By 2018, Norway will have a sustainable travel and tourism industry that succeeds in attracting nature-loving explorers who seek accessible and strong experiences in spectacular nature

Our promise to the tourists:
The most dramatic and rich fjord and coastal experience in the world

Norway’s target group:
Explorers – Their main motivation for travelling is to explore new territories; nature, culture, local life, food and traditions. They also want to gain new energy and to broaden their horizons

Norway’s unique selling points:

  • Spectacular fjords, coast and natural phenomena
  • Fresh seafood and coastal specialities
  • Nature-based activities
  • Thriving coastal culture

Brand values:
Fresh – Real – Adventurous – Open-minded
This is encapsulated in the pay-off

This is encapsulated in the pay-off