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Drammens Museum of Art and Cultural History is a consolidated museum. We research the museum's collections, our historic parks and gardens, our open-air museums and our pleasure gardens.

The museum has large collections of art, design, handicrafts, silver, glass and faience, folk art, church art, furniture and interiors, as well as other cultural-historical objects. We have a significant collection of Nøstetangenglass. At the museum in Marienlyst, you will find the Museum building and the neoclassical park, the Lyche pavilion with the Permanent Gallery and a Japanese garden, the historic garden at Gamle Marienlyst, and the open-air museum Hallingtunet, a village garden with buildings from Hallingdal. Gulskogen manor, a listed pleasure garden with a large park from the end of the 18th century Austad manor, a protected pleasure garden from the beginning of the 19th century The open-air museum on Bragernesåsen, with a number of village gardens with buildings from all over Buskerud

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