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Galleriet - Vestenfor for månen

The Art galleries on Magerøya - beautiful, unique and eco- friendly Our two galleries on the North Cape Island Magerøya - one in the " capital" Honningsvåg and one in the fishing village Kamøyvær - present self produced, exquisite art and handicrafts. The extreme seasons of the Norwegian Arctic, life on the small island and the rugged beauty of its nature and landscapes are reflected in pictures, prints, books, gifts and handmade souvenirs. The long and quiet winter months are ideal for production - the results are exhibited all year round in the colourful and pleasant atmosphere of both galleries.

Visit us:

The Gallery "West of the Moon"
Storgata4B, Honningsvåg

The Gallery "East of the Sun"
Duksfjordveien 4, Kamøyvær

Kilde: Book Finnmark


Galleriet - Vestenfor for månen

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