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HIKE - SAIL - SURF across the country with Jolly Good Times Sailing

A soft expedition across from east to the west of Norway. Expedition starts from Gardermoen Airport – up Gudbrandsdalen with an electric train and hike over the mountains and sail throughout the marvellous fjord landscapes and ending with surfing on Stadt.

What about completing what Norway is about in a short two weeks’ time?
Pure nature all the way and the footprint you leave is almost entirely your own. Super eco friendly, local and tiny entrepreneurs, unique experiences you can’t experience elsewhere and so much more. This is your chance to travel and explore the true Norwegian experience.

Norway has it all, and our HIKE SAIL SURF programme takes you all across the country from the east to the west. Starting with a hydro powered electric train, days of hiking over one of the most outstanding and pristine nature sceneries in Norway, followed by sailing through an archipelago who has hosted settlements for 8 million years, yes you read correctly, 8 million years.

The history, the food, the experience is total, and we have packed all the cool activities in it also. In this trip you will kayak, freedive/snorkel, sail, hike, surf and it’s your own limits that outlines the border of this soft expedition.

You will participate in catching your own food directly from the sea, we will find scallops, fish, crabs, sea weed …

Everything is taken care of, so come as you are with your packed luggage only. Jump on a train up the valleys and watch how urbanism change into wild and raw nature from your train window.

Leave your carbon footprint somewhere else, and travel green along with Jolly Good Times Sailing

See you onboard

With love
Maria, Ulrik & Ramoncito

Kilde: Ålesund & Sunnmøre


HIKE - SAIL - SURF across the country with Jolly Good Times Sailing

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